Travel to Gislaved

Here you will find information of different travel oppertunites to Gislaved and also during your stay here.

Res till Gislaveds kommun

Get here by car

Gislaved is centrally located and easily accessible in southern Sweden where Nissastigen, Highway 26 crosses Highway 27.  From west, take the south route 26 from E20, Halmstad or north from Route 40 at Gothenburg to Borås and then road 27. Baltic away, take the E4 and then route 27 towards Gothenburg at Värnamo.

Get here by airplane

Our nearest airport is Jönköping Airport. There are daily direct flights to and from Stockholm as well as Ving and Tui have a number of charter departures. To and from Jönköping Airport the easiest way is by bus from Gislaved. Other nearby airports are Småland Airport in Växjö and in Gothenburg you will find Landvetter Airport and Göteborg City Airport.